ITEC -  Operating Systems Group

Managing Kernel Memory Resources from User Level

  • Subject:L4Ka
  • Type:Diplomarbeit
  • Date:25.04.2003
  • Supervisor:

    Dr. Kevin Elphinstone, Dr. Volkmar Uhlig, Prof. Dr. Alfred Schmitt

  • Graduand:Andreas Haeberlen
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  • Abstract:

    Kernel memory is a resource that must be managed carefully in order to ensure the efficiency and safety of the system. The use of an inappropriate management policy can weaken the isolation between subsystems, lead to suboptimal performance, and even make the kernel vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks. Yet, many existing kernels use only a single built-in policy, which is always a compromise between performance and generality. In this paper, we address this problem by exporting control over kernel memory to user-level pagers. Thus, subsystems can implement their own application-specific management policies.


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