L4Ka Virtualization

We research new technologies for improving the virtual machine experience, addressing microkernels, hypervisors, the perfor­mance of running commodity operating systems in virtual machines, techniques for easily accomplishing virtualization, and the application of virtual machines for solving problems.



Reuse of Unmodified Device Drivers

New operating systems need access to devices, yet the cost of developing the device drivers is dramatic. We developed a technique to reuse pre-existing device drivers, unmodified.

Pre-virtualization with Compiler Afterburning

We are developing automation technology for virtualizing operating systems. We enable a single guest OS binary to execute on a variety of hypervisors, and on raw hardware, with the performance of para-virtualization.

Scalable Multiprocessor Virtual Machines

A virtual machine environment provides the benefits of flexibly scheduling concurrent virtual machines. We show how to maintain multiprocessor performance in the virtual machine environment.