Simutrace 3.2.2
Simulation Tracing Framework
MemoryAccessMetaData Union Reference

Memory trace entry meta data. More...

#include <SimuTraceEntryTypes.h>

Data Fields

 Simulation time. More...
uint64_t fullSize: 1
 Indicates a full size memory access. More...
uint64_t tag: 15
 User information. More...

Detailed Description

Each memory trace entry starts with a meta data field. This field holds a time stamp indicating the time when the memory operation happened and saves information on the size of the operation. The meta data field has also space for user-defined data.

See also

Field Documentation

uint64_t MemoryAccessMetaData::cycleCount

Indicates when the operation took place (48 bits). The cycle count is often expressed as the number of instructions executed by one or more virtual CPU(s) since the start of the simulation or tracing session.

uint64_t MemoryAccessMetaData::fullSize

If set, the operation accessed the memory with the full architecture size (e.g., 32 or 64 bits). The size field in the Data32 and Data64 types will then not be valid but contain actual data.

uint64_t MemoryAccessMetaData::tag

The tag can be freely set by the user to encode additional information with every memory operation.

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