Simutrace 3.2.2
Simulation Tracing Framework
Data32 Union Reference

32 bit data More...

#include <SimuTraceEntryTypes.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t data32
 Full 32 bit data value.
uint8_t data8
 Lower first byte (8 bits)
uint16_t data16
 Lower first word (16 bits)
uint16_t size
 Memory access size. More...

Detailed Description

Holds data read or written during a memory operation. This type is used on 32 bit architectures as defined by ArchitectureSize.

The larger fields (data32) include the smaller fields (data8). Thus assigning a full 32 bit double word to data32 will also set all other fields accordingly.
See also

Field Documentation

uint16_t Data32::size

For memory operations with a data size less than 32 bits, this field contains the exact size. Otherwise, this field contains the high 16 bit word.

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