Feasibility Study of Building a User-mode Native Windows NT VMM

  • Subject:L4Ka
  • Type:Seminar paper
  • Date:09.05.2005
  • Supervisor:

    Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa, Joshua LeVasseur

  • Graduand:Bernhard Pöss
  • Links:PDF
  • Abstract:

    The concept of pre-virtualization offers new ways for building a virtual machine monitor. It is now possible to implement a virtual machine monitor in user-mode without suffering the hassle of other approaches such as para-virtualization. This work determines the extents to which a native virtual machine monitor may be implemented under Windows NT. A design proposal will be devised for an user-mode virtual machine monitor underWindows NT which supports paging, synchronous interrupt delivery and timer virtualization. Finally, the basics of implementing a native Windows NT virtual machine monitor are discussed.


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