Directories for GPU4FS

  • Type:Bachelor Thesis
  • Date:04.04.2023
  • Supervisor:

    Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa
    Lukas Werling
    Peter Maucher


  • Graduand:Lennard Kittner
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  • Abstract
    Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), especially Intel Optane, is a promising addition to conventional DRAM-based memory. However, Intel Optane has some drawbacks, namely high CPU usage due to high access times when
    writing to Intel Optane. This thesis has two goals. The first is to add new and improved directories to GPU4FS, a file system demonstrator, which aims to address some of the problems of Intel Optane by using a GPU as
    a file system accelerator. The second is to determine if a GPU-accelerated files system is feasible. We evaluate the GPU directories and the feasibility of a GPU-accelerated file system by comparing it to Ext4, a conventional
    Linux file system. The results show that in all but one of our benchmarks, Ext4 outperforms the GPU directories. The exception is the creation of long directory chains where the GPU directories are faster than the C++
    file system library. We only evaluate synthetic benchmarks that do not reflect real-world file system use cases. Therefore, we concluded that a GPUaccelerated file system is feasible in typical file system use cases, which also involve reading and writing files. However, there are still possibilities to reduce latency and increase performance.
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