GPU4FS: A Graphics Processor-Accelerated File System

  • Type:Master Thesis
  • Date:06.08.2022
  • Supervisor:

    Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa
    Lukas Werling

  • Graduand:Peter Maucher
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  • Abstract
    Modern file systems with fast storage media take up valuable CPU resources, especially if used with Intel Optane in write-heavy applications. Optane is written synchronously, and accessing CPU cores stall if Optanes relatively low write bandwidth is saturated. To combat that issue, we propose GPU4FS, a novel GPUaccelerated user- space file system mainly targeted at Intel Optane as the main representative of high-performance non-volatile memory. GPU4FS relieves the CPU from all file system management tasks, including the writes to the Optane DIMMs. The CPU only queues requests to the file system into a shared command buffer.
    With our prototype, we achieve similar bandwidth figures to CPU-side Optane tasks using a fio benchmark and sequential writes to DAX-EXT4. During the benchmark, the CPU tasks saturate four cores. Our GPU4FS prototype only uses a measured 12% of a single core, and offers a 33x reduction in CPU usage. We also show that we offer twice or more performance improvement for a parallel, CPU-bound blender render benchmark when running in parallel to GPU4FS, as compared to the CPU-side file system tasks.
    Based on our findings, we conclude that future research into file system accelerators poses a worthwhile topic.


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