Accessing remote objects in a distributed embedded Java VM

  • Subject:Peer-to-peer
  • Type:Diploma Thesis
  • Date:15.05.2008
  • Supervisor:

    Dr. Thomas Fuhrmann, Bjoern Saballus, Johannes Eickhold

  • Graduand:Alexander Kiening
  • Links:PDF
  • Abstract: 

    Nowadays everyday objects like furniture, house hold facilities and even clothing are increasingly equipped with embedded computers to add sophisticated functionality. By connecting these gadgets to a network, a whole new level of information flow and intelligent interaction can be created. It is the goal of the AmbiComp project to provide a platform for developers that assists them in creating distributed applications that are able to connect systems and create the illusion of an intelligent environment. This platform is based on embedded Java virtual machines and aims at integrating them into a single distributed Java virtual machine which completely dissolves the boundaries between its participating computers.

    This diploma thesis examines ways how to implement an efficient system for the AmbiComp VM that allows transparent object and array accesses across network node boundaries.


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