ITEC -  Operating Systems Group

Distributed Embedded Systems in Java

  • Type: Practical Work
  • Chair: System Architecture
  • Semester: ST 2009
  • Place:

    R. 148, Bldg. 50.34

  • Time:

    Wednesday, 15.45 - 17.15, Thursday, 9.45 - 11.15

  • Start: 22.04.2009
  • Lecturer:

    Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa, Johannes Eickhold, Björn Saballus

  • SWS: 2
  • Lv-No.: 24907

Contents and Organization

The AmbiComp platform provides various small, Java programmable, embedded devices. They contain micro-controllers and communication interfaces which allow to combine them into a distributed, embedded system. AmbiComp networks aim at being easily programmable and scale well in terms of number of nodes.
Students taking part in this practical work will learn how to program the AmbiComp devices in Java. They will connect the devices so that they form a distributed system, for example sensor readings on one node will trigger actuators on another node. As part of the course, the student teams will develop all the required Java code for such a system.
The focus is to implement distributed, embedded scenarios and develop different distributed services for such a system. These scenarios build up a track containing stationary as well as mobile AmbiComp nodes. Mobile nodes consist of ePuck robots carrying an AmbiComp node. They will interact with the stationary nodes and therefore have to communicate over Bluetooth.

The course requires average knowledge of Java.
During this hands-on course teams of 3-4 students will build different hardware arrangements and write programs for them. Each team will have access to all the hardware and small mobile robots (ePuck) to test their implementation. The teams will present and combine their solutions in a final demonstration.
Preliminary Meeting:
During the preliminary meeting on Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 15:45, in R 148 (1. OG) we will fix the dates, arrange the groups, and talk about organizing details. If you have still questions about the course, please contact: Dipl.-Inform. J. Eickhold, Room 164, Building 50.34, E-Mail: jeick(at)