Power Management

  • Type: Lecture
  • Chair: System Architecture
  • Semester: WT 2008/2009
  • Place:

    Monday SR 131 (Bldg. 50.34), Tuesday SR 236 (Bldg. 50.34)

  • Time:

    Monday 14.00 - 15.30, Tuesday 9.45 - 11.15

  • Start: 27.10.2008
  • Lecturer:

    Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa

  • SWS: 2
  • ECTS: 3
  • Lv-No.: 24127
  • Information:



Date Lecturer Topic Documents
27.10.2008 F. Bellosa Introduction pdf, 2up.pdf
28.10.2008 A. Merkel Practical Work Power Management pdf
03.11.2008 F. Bellosa CPU Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
04.11.2008 A. Merkel Practical Work  
10.11.2008 F. Bellosa CPU Power Management  
11.11.2008 F. Bellosa CPU Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
17.11.2008 F. Bellosa CPU Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
18.11.2008 F. Bellosa CPU Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
24.11.2008 F. Bellosa CPU Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
    Andreas Merkel, Frank Bellosa: Task Activity Vectors pdf
25.11.2008 A. Merkel Practical Work  
01.12.2008 F. Bellosa CPU Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
02.12.2008 F. Bellosa ACPI pdf, 2up.pdf
08.12.2008 F. Bellosa Disk Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
09.12.2008 F. Bellosa Memory Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
15.12.2008 F. Bellosa Battery Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
16.12.2008 S. Kellner Sensor Network Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
22.12.2008 F. Bellosa Cluster Power Management pdf, 2up.pdf
12.01.2009 F. Bellosa Conclusion, EvaSys Evaluation pdf
13.01.2009 A. Merkel Practical Work  
19.01.2009 A. Merkel Presentation of Measuring Environment pdf
20.01.2009 A. Merkel Practical Work  
26.01.2009 A. Merkel Practical Work  
27.01.2009 A. Merkel Practical Work  
02.02.2009 A. Merkel Practical Work  
03.02.2009 A. Merkel Practical Work  
09.02.2009 A. Merkel Presentation of Results  
10.02.2009 A. Merkel Practical Work  

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In this course we'll focus on one of the most interesting area of operating systems research: Dynamic Power Management in Operating Systems.

In this lecture we will present the following topics:

  • CPU Power Management
  • Recap Context Switch Scheduling
  • Recap Virtual Memory
  • Memory Power Management
  • I/O Power Management
  • LCD Power Management
  • Battery Power Management
  • Cluster Power Management

Note that this lecture is given in German.