From Centrally Planned to Social Market Economy: Accounting, Billing and Trading of Energy for Dynamic Power Management

  • Author:

    Frank Bellosa

  • Source:

    University of Erlangen, Technical Report TR-I4-00-03, August 9, 2000

  • Date: 09.08.2000
  • Abstract:

    Most of the users of mobile devices are more interested in the benefit of use than in the internal mechanisms and policies of system and application software.

    In a dynamic world with mobile code and data, fixed policies and parameters that were predefined by the manufacturer do no longer hold. Therefore the consumer is asked to map the demands of the intended use to the parameters of the system. Serious power management is not possible with current operating systems, in which adjusting power-management parameters e.g., idle-times going ahead of power-down operations, is at best a black art. The setting of those parameters resembles the planning in centrally planned economies that neglects the individual demands, skills and properties of the controlled objects.

    Our approach to dynamic power management shifts away from a system-centric global energy-management to a data-centric information processing. Within a three-dimensional space, data is defined by a triple of information, location and time. Modification of information (= computing), moving information from one location to another (= transport) and holding of information over time (= storage) imply some costs. The costs of each operation have to be accounted and billed to a principal. The principal can ask for a price quotation for a requested operation. The system can offer some services with variing quality and price. In trade a price for a single operation or bulk order is fixed. By assigning budgets and quality of service demands to data processing operations, a user can influence power management policies in a plain manner that gives the system enough freedom to tune the execution according to the application's demands.


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