ITEC -  Operating Systems Group

Optimizing Energy Consumption by Event-Driven Frequency Scaling

  • Subject:Power Management
  • Type:Diplomarbeit
  • Date:16.05.2002
  • Supervisor:

    Prof. Dr. Fridolin Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa

  • Graduand:Andreas Mull
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  • Abstract:

    This diploma thesis shows that an operating system aware of detailed information about the processes it serves is able to save energy by means of performance monitoring counters and dynamic frequency scaling. A model for controlling dynamic frequency scaling based on performance monitoring information called Process Cruise Control is presented. For its implementation the Cyclone IQ 80310 development-board was selected as the target platform. Together with an XScale architecture CPU, the Intel 80200 processor performance monitoring counters, as well as frequency scaling, are available.


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