ITEC -  Operating Systems Group

Virtual Systems Lab

  • Type: Lab
  • Chair: Operating Systems
  • Semester: WT 19/20
  • Time:

    Wednesday, 11:30 - 13:00, Bldg. 50.34, Room 148

  • Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Marc Rittinghaus
  • SWS: 2
  • ECTS: 3
  • Lv-No.: 2400166


The Virtual Systems lab is an accompanying course to the Virtual Systems lecture that gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in writing virtualization software and applying concepts presented in the lecture. Visiting the lecture (registration required!) is not a prerequisite but recommended.

Focus of the lab is the development of an emulator for the popular Commodore 64 (C64) home computer using interpretation and binary translation techniques. Students will design and implement their own emulator (C/C++) from scratch in teams of usually two participants.

Students are expected to be familiar with basic computer architecture and virtualization concepts and must be willing to get familiar with assembly language (MOS 6510 instruction set) and read technical manuals.


Our first meeting will be on 6th November 2019, 11:30 AM in room 148, bldg. 50.34.

Maximum number of participants: 8 – Registration in ILIAS