Virtual Systems


Starting from simple desktop virtual machines to concurrently run different operating systems and to support software development and debugging, over server consolidation, up to the key technology for cloud-based services, system virtualization plays a central role in modern IT.

This lecture delves into the inner-workings of virtualization technologies and full system simulation and presents concepts from the following areas:

  • Technologies for System Virtualization (DBT, VT, etc.)
  • Hypervisors and Simulators
  • Abstraction and Management of Resources and Devices
  • Special Concepts (Attack Reconstruction in Honey Pots, VM Replication, etc.)


The lecture starts by presenting basic concepts in the area of system virtualization. It then builds on the active discussion of current publications by the participants.

  • The number of participants is limited (12) - Registration in ILIAS
  • Personal attendance required
  • All participants have to contribute to discussions and give multiple short presentations