ITEC -  Operating Systems Group

Virtual Systems


Starting from simple desktop virtual machines to concurrently run different operating systems and to support software development and debugging, over server consolidation, up to the key technology for cloud-based services, system virtualization plays a central role in modern IT.

In this seminar, the participants will delve into the inner-workings of virtualization technologies and full system simulation and present concepts from the following areas:

+ Technologies for System Virtualization (DBT, VT, etc.)

+ Hypervisors and Simulators

+ Abstraction and Management of Resources and Devices

+ Special Concepts (Attack Reconstruction in Honey Pots, VM Replication, etc.)

For the seminar, each participant will prepare a report (6 pages) and a short talk (15 min) about an individually assigned topic. The grade will be based on the quality of the report, the proficiency of the talk, and the liveliness of the participant’s participation in discussing the other talks.


We will meet for the first time on Thursday, April 24, 2014, at 1pm in room 148, bldg. 50.34. Topics will be assigned and the form of the seminar will be specified (weekly or en bloc, dates, etc.).