System Aspects of Cloud Computing


This seminar covers various aspects of cloud computing, which stands for the paradigm shift in computing, where clients use computing but do not (need to) control or manage the underlying technology anymore. We will focus on systems related topics such as provisioning of computational resources, consolidation of physical and virtual resources, distributed resource management and storage systems, and impact on software development.

Participants will research a particular topic, and then prepare an interesting presentation for the seminar that summarizes the research. The presentations are in English or German, and should last around 30 to 35 minutes, with a question/discussion period of 10 to 5 minutes.


Knowledge of general system architecture concepts is helpful but not essential. Technical and system aspects will be prevailing in the seminar, but, as described above, the seminar is also open to debate economic or social effects. Expected are primarily interest in and commitment to the seminar, and willingness to research academic literature and other materials about Cloud Computing.


The first meeting will take place on Apri 18, 2013, 13:00 in room 148, building 50.34. Topics will be distributed and the form of the seminar will be fixed (Block Seminar vs. Weekly Seminar, Dates etc.)