Virtual InfiniBand Clusters for HPC Clouds

  • Author: Marius Hillenbrand, Viktor Mauch, Jan Stoess, Konrad Miller, and Frank Bellosa
  • Source:

    2nd International Workshop on Cloud Computing Platforms, Bern, CH, April 10, 2012

  • Date: 10.04.2012
  • Abstract:

    High Performance Computing (HPC) employs fast interconnect technologies to provide low communication and synchronization latencies for tightly coupled parallel compute jobs. Contemporary HPC clusters have a xed capacity and static runtime environments; they cannot elastically adapt to dynamic workloads, and provide a limited selection of applications, libraries, and system software. In contrast, a cloud model for HPC clusters promises more exibility, as it provides elastic virtual clusters to be available on-demand. This is not possible with physically owned clusters.

    In this paper, we present an approach that makes it possible to use InfiniBand clusters for HPC cloud computing. We propose a performance-driven design of an HPC IaaS layer for In niBand, which provides throughput and latency-aware virtualization of nodes, networks, and network topologies, as well as an approach to an HPC-aware, multi-tenant cloud management system for elastic virtualized HPC compute clusters.


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