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Software Development 23 - Shared Mobile File System

Software Engineering Lab (PSE)
In the Software Engineering Lab (PSE) you will learn how to develop a software-project using state-of-the-art software engineering techniques in teams of 5 to 6 students. The goal of the lab is to get familiar with design and software quality assurance methods and to implement the designed medium-sized software project as a team.

Android Dev 1 Phones

Nexus One
Smartphones have recently become very popular and powerful. Two examples are the "HTC Dream" (Android Dev 1 Phone, T-Mobile G1) and the "HTC Passion" (Google Nexus One) phones. Such phones can be programmed using Java, the Android API, and modern software engineering techniques and will be used in this lab.
Your assignment is the design and implementation of a program which makes it possible to wirelessly mount the smartphone's integrated memory on a laptop and to transparently use it as if it was a local device.
In particular you will need to design and develop:    
  • A discovery mechanism to find nearby phones
  • A file transfer protocol
  • A simple FUSE based file system for the laptop
Optional features include:
  • Mutual authentication
  • The possibility to authorize/deny access to the phone's memory
Weekly meetings will take place on Friday at 13:30.
16.04. First appointment with the advisor
07.05. Functional specification
04.06. Design
02.07. Implementation
23.07. Validation/testing
30.07. Presentation
Praxis der Softwareentwicklung
Konrad Miller <millerEso3∂kit edu>