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CPU power management for SMT and CMP processors

CPU power management for SMT and CMP processors
Subject:Power Management
Type:Study Thesis

Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa, Andreas Merkel

Graduand:Dominik Winkelmeyer


This study thesis focuses on the power consumption of different combinations of applications on simultaneously multithreaded and multicore microprocessors. Therefore, performance monitoring counters are examined for their usability to estimate and predict the performance and power on SMT and CMP systems. A wide range of different processor events has been investigated to find some, that can be used to gather information about the behavior of the two architectures, when tasks share a microprocessor. These events are be used for an energy aware scheduler to decide, which tasks should be executed at the same time. Such tuples of tasks can be chosen to prevent peaks in the energy consumption or to reduce the ratio of power per instruction.


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