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OS Internals

OS Internals
Type: Proseminar for Bachelor Students Links:
Chair: System Architecture Group
Semester: ST 2010

Monday, 17:30-19:00, R. 148, Bldg. 50.34

Start: 26.04.2010

Prof. Frank Bellosa, Simon Kellner, Philipp Kupferschmied, Andreas Merkel, Jan Stoess

SWS: 2
Lv-No.: 24533


Date Name Topic Advisor
07.06. Skinder, Michael Linux: Scheduling Andreas Merkel
07.06. Baalbaki, Marcel Linux: Memory Management Andreas Merkel
14.06. Eicher, Bastian BSD: Interprozesskommunikation Raphael Neider
14.06. Georgi, Marcus BSD: Sockets Raphael Neider
14.06. Faude, Julian BSD: Packet Filter Simon Kellner
21.06. Stahlberg, Felix 4.3 BSD Virtual Memory Management Simon Kellner
21.06. Leonhard, Stephan BSD/Linux: Volume Management (GEOM, DM) Simon Kellner
21.06. Günter, Fabian ext2-Dateisystem Andreas Merkel
28.06. Kohlmeyer, Kevin Linux: Module Konrad Miller
28.06. Reckling, Reno Sun OS Virtual Memory Management Simon Kellner
28.06. Reiche, Martin ZFS-Dateisystem Konrad Miller
05.07. Thal, Carolin Windows: User Account Control Konrad Miller
05.07. v. Kistowski, Jóakim G. Windows Scheduling Andreas Merkel
12.07. Hopfgarten, Patric Windows Driver Model Raphael Neider
12.07. Silva Lauinger, Simon E. TinyOS: NesC Simon Kellner


In the Proseminar "OS Internals" we will focus on the design and function of operating systems. On the basis of some operating systems like BSD-Unix, Linux, Solaris, and Windows we will discuss special operating system components and their underlying concepts. Examples are the file system, device drivers, network, process management, and memory management.


Each participant of the proseminar gets a special topic for preparation. Each talk about that topic should last 30 minutes.