Simutrace 3.2.2
Simulation Tracing Framework
StreamTypeDescriptor Struct Reference

Describes the type of entries in a stream. More...

#include <SimuStorTypes.h>

Data Fields

 Friendly name of the type.
StreamTypeId id
 Unique id of the type.
StreamTypeFlags flags
 Stream type flags. More...
uint32_t reserved1
 Reserved. Set to 0.
uint32_t entrySize
 Entry size. More...
uint32_t reserved2
 Reserved. Set to 0.

Detailed Description

Each stream must have a type that describes the size and properties of the entries in a stream. The StreamTypeDescriptor encapsulates this information.

Before 3.2: A set of bit fields was used to represent the stream properties. The fields have been replaced with the flags field to improve interoperability.

Field Documentation

StreamTypeFlags StreamTypeDescriptor::flags
Replaces set of bit fields in a binary compatible way.
uint32_t StreamTypeDescriptor::entrySize

Size of a single entry in bytes. To make variable-sized entries use makeVariableEntrySize(). If the size itself is desired, do not read the entry size directly, instead use getEntrySize()

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