Simutrace 3.2.2
Simulation Tracing Framework
StreamStatistics Struct Reference

Statistic information on a stream. More...

#include <SimuStorTypes.h>

Data Fields

uint64_t compressedSize
 Total size of the stream in bytes after compression with the type-specific encoder.
uint64_t entryCount
 Number of entries in the stream.
uint64_t rawEntryCount
 Number of raw entries in the stream. More...
StreamRangeInformation ranges
 Range information over the entire stream.

Detailed Description

This structure contains a set of summarizing statistics on a stream and can be used to get an impression of the size and range of data covered by a stream.


Field Documentation

uint64_t StreamStatistics::rawEntryCount

This value differs from entryCount only in streams with variable-sized data and is the number of data blocks.

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