Simutrace 3.2.2
Simulation Tracing Framework
MultiplexerEntry Struct Reference

Entry returned by multiplexer. More...

#include <SimuTraceXTypes.h>

Data Fields

CycleCount cycleCount
 Cycle count taken from the current entry. Only valid if all input streams are temporally ordered.
StreamId streamId
 Id of the stream from which the entry originates.
uint32_t streamIdx
 Index of the stream in the list of input streams used to create the multiplexer.
void * entry
 Pointer to the entry as returned by StGetNextEntry()

Detailed Description

A multiplexer returns entries from a set of streams according to a certain rule. If the MxfIndirect flag is specified (required if the streams are not of the same type), the multiplexer outputs this type of entry. It is independent of the types configured for the input streams and in addition provides the index of the stream from which the entry originates.

If all input streams are temporally ordered, the output stream will also be temporally ordered.

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