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Design and Implementation of a Debugging Unit for the OpenProcessor Platform

  • Typ:Studienarbeit
  • Datum:20.02.2008
  • Betreuer:

    Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa, Raphael Neider

  • Bearbeiter:Stefan Bach
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  • Abstract: 

    The OpenProcessor system is being developed a research platform for hardware/OS codesign research done at the University of Karlsruhe. This study thesis aims at developing a debugging solution for the OpenProcessor system, which at the time of writing still lacked any sophisticated debugging support.

    The thesis surveys different debugging designs used in today's popular processing systems, derives an appropriate design of a debugging unit for the OpenProcessor platform and describes details of an implementation of that design in a hardware description language and its integration into the existing core.

    Finally a software component that interacts with the implemented hardware solution is developed and documented. The debugging software offers an easy-to-use command line interface for debugging the OpenProcessor system.


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