Toward Real µ-kernels

  • Autor:

    Jochen Liedtke

  • Quelle:

    Communications of the ACM, 39(9), pp. 70-77, September 1996

  • Datum: 09.1996
  • Abstract:

    THE microkernel story is full of good ideas and blind alleys. The story began with enthusiasm about the promised dramatic increase in flexibility, safety, and modularity. But over the years, enthusiasm changed to disappointment, because the first-generation microkernels were inefficient and inflexible.

    Today, we observe radically new approaches to the microkernel idea that seek to avoid the old mistakes while overcoming the old constraints on flexibility and performance. The second-generation microkernels may be a basis for all types of operating systems, including timesharing, multimedia, and soft and hard real time.


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