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Colorable Memory

Colorable Memory

Jochen Liedtke


IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, November 1996

Datum: 11.1996


Recent research reported page coloring to influence system performance. Application-driven coloring techniques are restricted on conventional memory systems by two facts: (a) there are equally many page frames per color and this number is static; (b) for recoloring a page, it must be copied to a different page frame. This paper describes a scheme permitting to change the color of any page frame dynamically. Thus the number of frames per color can also be changed dynamically. Furthermore, cache-clean pages can frequently be recolored without copying. Cache flushing is never required. The scheme is simple and affects solely main-memory address decoding, not the cache system. For small and medium-sized memories, no additional hardware is needed. Very large mainmemories require to extend the physical address bus what is probably too expensive.


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